Climatic change  (145 X 115cm)

Acrylique- oil

I paint this art pursuit of the torrential rain unexpected arrival in our country in the night of 31 august 2010 to 1st September 2010 that have caused a lot damages.

That is due to climatic change which is a modification of the atmosphere composition due to human activities emitting greenhouse gases.

Watching my art, ours eyes controlled us for a start toward Africa, the humanity cradle, where everything had begining and men lived on stage of nature. We see, there in cases, vegetation for exprime that everybody liked to dwell in this beautiful scenery.

We can see also, to enter three little opening letting   shaft black smoke for present the greats powers who consume more energy.

This production of energy produces smoke whish is greenhouse gases.

To right we see the sun which emited energy under form of light. This light is returned by the ground but lockel by greenhouse gases. This is for present the mechanism of climatic warning.

To the left we see the fire, the desertification and the dryness, so come water to the desertication and the dryness, so come water to the right pursuit of global warning.

This art is paint to sensitize humanity and make calling of our reason for the be well of word with his beautiful populating for sustained developpement.


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